multiplayer cursors

multiplayer cursors is a script i wrote to show people visiting my website where the cursors of other people on the webpage are!
it is active on the homepage, this page, and my blog.
the script is comprised of a server script and a client script, both of which are open source and licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

to add multiplayer cursors to your website, place this script tag in the <head> of your webpage's HTML: <script defer src="path/to/📡🖱️.js" data-url="wss://"></script> you can either download 📡🖱️.js and place it on your server, or include it from that url directly.
note that the script expects your page to have a <main> element.

you will also need to host the server script on a Node.js runtime; is free and works pretty well (it's what i use for my mutliplayer cursors server). there are two versions of the server: